Drosophila melanogaster larval locomotion

User manual for MaggotTracker software components.


I. Overview
MagAnalyzer calculates locomotion parameters of one or more folders containing videos previusly processed by MagRecognizer.

II. Installation
Download MagAnalyzer (downloads).
Simply unzip the ZIP file. The Java programs are compiled already.

III. Input files
The input is one folder name, normally containing many sub-folders that were already processed by MagRecognizer.
Any sub-folder with name that starts with 'bad' is skipped.

IV. Running the software
There is no user-interaction when MagAnalyzer processes a folder containing videos. Hence, the method we use to run it is via command-line:
On Windows systems:

On Mac OSX, or Linux systems:

V. Result file
A single plain-text tab-separated file named datadm.txt is created with a header line listing all parameter names, and one line of parameter values for each video.
The file format facilitates loading data into a database, or into a spreadsheet.

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