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Drosophila melanogaster larval locomotion

User manual for MaggotTracker software components.


I. Overview
MagViewer plays one video together with visualization of a few locomotive parameters.

II. Installation
Download MagViewer (downloads).
Simply unzip the ZIP file. The Java programs are compiled already.

III. Input files
The input is one video (.avi extension) that were already processed by MagRecognizer.

IV. Running the software
MagViewer runs only on Windows systems:

V. Result file
A single plain-text tab-separated file named details.txt is created with a header line listing a subset of the locomotion parameter, and one line of each parameter value for each frame in the video.
The parameters listed in details.txt are:

VI. Additional notes
In our setup we found that Java version 1.7 may be needed to run MagViewer.
If MagViewer does not work or it shows an error when playing the video, try updating to Java 1.7, or making sure that it is in the path, or explicitly running java from a Java 1.7 directory. This can be done by changing the word "@java" inside of MagViewer.bat to ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\java" (assuming that such folder contains Java 1.7).